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Systems Engineering
We provide leadership in establishing the initial functional architecture to decomposing requirements to establish the most efficient path to a successful program completion.

Our system safety experts and DER partners assure safety requirements and objectives are met early on for a successful path to program completion and certification.

Our design engineers and industry partners provide the most efficient path to successful mechanical and electrical development and integration.

Our program management experts provide the most efficient way to move projects forward while staying on budget and managing risks, as well as managing all subcontracts with our business partners.


We adhere to strict quality assurance processes set forth by the industry and the customer.

Alternair has experienced industry partners, including:

  • Certified electric motor manufacturers

  • Composite and metal aerospace structures fabrication

  • Structural analysis and testing

  • DO-160G testing

  • DAL A certified modular avionics partner (Hover, Inc)

  • Custom aerodynamics analysis

  • Access to required testing facilities

  • Access to manufacturing and assembly facilities

System Safety &
Design Capabilities
Program Management
Quality Assurance
Industry Partners
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